This update is a bit late, but I felt I owed it to the two readers who come here!  I really only ever wanted to go one school, but I considered others to hedge my bets.  In the end I only applied to INSEAD and I got accepted at the end of May.

I will say this — from a financial perspective it’s good to apply to a number of schools because it gives you more opportunities in getting financial offers and scholarships.  Despite this I would need a big scholarship to another top program to change my mind, so it may not make a huge difference in the end.  Also, I will have to make a decision to attend before hearing anything back on scholarships, whereas I believe R2 candidates can make decisions on attendance knowing what scholarships they receive. Of course they also have to apply for scholarships earlier in their process.

I read a lot of advice that said “worry about getting in, the finances will work themselves out.”  I’d like to call bullshit!  While I do think the finances will work themselves out, they’re a big part of the process.  While INSEAD was my first choice, largely due to its value, I never considered potential scholarship offers into the value equation.  Anyways, here’s selfishly hoping the Euro keeps tanking!

Another suggestion for prospective applicants — just give it a shot as early as possible!  I posted on a forum under a pseudonym a couple years ago and an admissions consultants basically told me that given my profile I was a long-shot at any top European schools.  Now, admittedly I’ve improved a lot since then, but I’m glad to have gotten in despite the discouraging remarks at the time.

Looking back I think that I may as well have tried applying a couple years ago and taken my chances, though I don’t really regret it because extra savings and experience will make the process more worthwhile in the end


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